Club Nights

This is a popular trip and can seem the most daunting for the uninitiated TV - a debut appearance on the TG scene. "First impressions last" as they say, so let me help you to knock 'em dead with an explosion of glamour on your first big night out. The club scene offers the chance to meet like-minded people and can lead to a tgirl having a whole new circle of friends and acquaintances.

We begin with a makeover ideal for a club setting. It will be slightly darker in the clubs, so we can apply more make up and get away with it!! Whether you wish to be loud and proud, or demure and sophisticated I will help you create the right image from your wig to your stilettos. Escorted nightclub trips are usually available for most of the weekend events on the scene - The WayOut Club (every Saturday) plus for occasional special nights held at Pink Punters in Milton Keynes.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The availability of all the weekend Escorted Trips is subject to The Boudoir having assembled a minimum of three Escorted Trip clients for that night or by special arrangement. Weekday nights such as Trannyshack at Madame Jo Jo's (every Wednesday) are again only available if there is a minimum of three Escorted Trip customers booked in, or occasionally by special arrangement. Please contact The Boudoir for further details.

The WayOut Club

At the door of The WayOut Club is a gorgeous and extremely tall friend of mine who will always have a place in my heartMiss Sarah Lloyd - one of London's most famous 'door whores.' With a friendly greeting from Miss Lloyd we ascend the magical stairs into the legendary TG wonderland that is The WayOut Club. Here another very special friend of mine greets us, the Bill Gates of the tranny world, none other then Vicky Lee - co-founder of the club. She is one of the most dedicated people I know, and via the club and her numerous publications has done a vast amount for our community. We then enjoy a bottle of bubbly or a refreshing soft drink at the bar and chat about all the amazing sights that you will see around the venue.

Whether you want to dance the night away, quietly people watch, relax in the seated area or watch the regular WayOut cabaret show, this club has has it all and together with The Boudoir we can make the dream of a place where "gender has no boundaries" an exciting reality!!

At the end of the evening, we can return to The Boudoir where you can get changed  back as though that woman you spent the evening as never even existed - but of course we will both know different and you will have some great memories!!

We have been informed that the WayOut Club is no longer being held at Gilt (from the beginning of March) or Yager Bar. It will then take place mainly at Minories, and occasionally at The Cheshire Cheese. Full reviews of these venues will be published here shortly

64–73 Minories
London EC3N 1JL

The Cheshire Cheese
64–48 Crutched Friars
London EC3N 2AP

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The Boudoir is pleased to present a mid-week opportunity to get out and about for those of you who find weekends difficult. Wednesdays are Trannyshack night at Madame Jo Jo's on Brewer Street, in the heart of London’s Soho. In my opinion the venue, the music and the vibe make this the best tranny night in London at this present time. The music is friendly, the hosts are a plethora of colour and imaginative drag that resembles the feel of the 80s London drag scene and the crowd is mixed and fascinating. Trannyshack attracts a host of unusual, colourful and flamboyant people who just love drag… either being in it, or just being around it. Dusty O, Lady Lloyd and Tasty Tim are the most glamorous hosts in London and they never fail to make this night special. The cabaret spot midway through the night is an absolute scream and well worth watching. Here’s what their official website said:


Trannyshack is one of Soho's saucy secrets. Every Wednesday an uber-eclectic mix of Klub Kids, Trannies, Drag Queens, Inbetweenies, Fabulous Hetros and Scene Queens get together for one hell of a party!! You can’t fail to have fun at Trannyshack. Everything is geared towards it, from the pole dancing drag queens to the legendary open mic session where anyone can get up and perform their party piece if they are crossdressed. Trannyshack regularly hosts special PAs which in the past have included Lady Bunny, Marcella Detroit, Laquisha Jonez and pretty much all of London’s drag stars. The music is party pop and fashionably funky provided by 3 of London’s scene legends Dusty O, Tasty Tim and Lady Lloyd. It’s free entry before midnight if you surrender your gender and party in heels and lippy, otherwise it's £5.00. Everyone loves Trannyshack. Come once and we promise you, you will return!!

Madame Jo Jo's
8 - 10, Brewer Street
London W1F 0SE

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