Club Nights

This is a popular trip and can seem the most daunting for the uninitiated TV - a debut appearance on the TG scene. "First impressions last" as they say, so let me help you to knock 'em dead with an explosion of glamour on your first big night out. The club scene offers the chance to meet like-minded people and can lead to a tgirl having a whole new circle of friends and acquaintances.

We begin with a makeover ideal for a club setting. It will be slightly darker in the clubs, so we can apply more make up and get away with it!! Whether you wish to be loud and proud, or demure and sophisticated I will help you create the right image from your wig to your stilettos. Escorted nightclub trips are usually available for most of the weekend events on the sceneThe WayOut Club (every Saturday) plus for occasional special nights held at Pink Punters in Milton Keynes. We also can offer visits to the brand new Bombshell nights in Soho on a Wednesday.

The WayOut Club

At the door of The WayOut Club is a gorgeous and extremely tall friend of mine who will always have a place in my heartMiss Sarah Lloyd - one of London's most famous 'door whores.' With a friendly greeting from Miss Lloyd we ascend the magical stairs into the legendary TG wonderland that is The WayOut Club. Here another very special friend of mine greets us, the Bill Gates of the tranny world, none other then Vicky Lee - co-founder of the club. She is one of the most dedicated people I know, and via the club and her numerous publications has done a vast amount for our community. We then enjoy a bottle of bubbly or a refreshing soft drink at the bar and chat about all the amazing sights that you will see around the venue.

Whether you want to dance the night away, quietly people watch, relax in the seated area or watch the regular WayOut cabaret show, this club has has it all and together with The Boudoir we can make the dream of a place where "gender has no boundaries" an exciting reality!!

At the end of the evening, we can return to The Boudoir where you can get changed  back as though that woman you spent the evening as never even existed - but of course we will both know different and you will have some great memories!!

We have been informed that the WayOut Club is no longer being held at Gilt (from the beginning of March) or Yager Bar. It will now take place mainly at Minories, and occasionally at Mary Janes. Full reviews of these venues will be published here shortly.

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Bombshell is the fabulous new club night to hit the Soho scene and is the brainchild of the legendary DJ Tasty Tim and DJ superstar Lady Lloyd. The luxurious Shadow Lounge on Brewer Street is host to this new venture to take the London transgender and gay scene by storm. Every Wednesday, Lady Lloyd and Tasty Tim take to the decks to spin out disco, pop, chart music and R & B that is easy to dance to and always fills the dance floor. This flamboyant pair are a show in themselves - hot from the recent “Drag Queens Of London” series, Lady Lloyd epitomises the meaning of the Blonde Bombshell, whilst Tasty Tim represents the highly individualised and creative side of drag. Both are incredibly friendly and always make their guests feel welcome, whether you are a first timer or a seasoned clubber.

Tasty Tim & LadyLlloyd

The venue itself is easy to find and is fairly recently renovated. Luxurious, raised booths surround the spacious dance floor, so there is plenty of seating enabling you to people watch in comfort if the stilettos get too much!! With Miss Kabira on the door to give you a warm welcome and the oh so fabulous Miss Chrissy Darling also in attendance just for that extra OTT va va voom this night is sure to be an experience like no other.

Last but not least, the legendary Miss Kimberly is also there to meet and greet everyone with her warm American charm before she takes to the stage to introduce the evenings high energy dance performances. In another act of genius, the show is kept to just one or two numbers so as not to interrupt the great club vibe that Tasty and Lady Lloyd have created. Miss Raven Mandella, Robyn Grannies, Ryhanne and many more artistes will be performing at Bombshell over the coming months.

I believe this club is going to be a long staying resident in Soho and will quickly write itself in the pages of our transgender history. Long live the Bombshell!!

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