Escorted Trips

One of the most popular services that I have developed since opening The Boudoir is the Escorted Trip. Since starting these different outings I have gained a great deal of personal satisfaction from accompanying so many gurls on their first steps outside into the real world. Many of those gurls are now venturing out on their own or with new friends that they have met through the tranny scene. I have been everywhere with my gurls and I have always had the philosophy that "Nothing is impossible…but be safe when you do it."


As a tranny in the year 2012, the world really is your oyster. So many new gurls come into The Boudoir and say things like "Do you think I could really get away with going on a shopping trip or to a restaurant for lunch". My answer is always the same "YES!" I am not in the habit of telling anyone that they are something that they clearly are not, yet at the same time I will not see anyone deprived of an opportunity to do something that they have only ever dreamed about. I am not a magician, but I will do everything that I can to help you to make your dreams come true.

Most girls first stop at the shops..the tights department

I firmly believe that tgirls are entitled to go wherever they want, if they behave and appear appropriately, just like anyone else is. I do not think the TG community should limit itself just to its own club scene. Generally speaking the great British public's stoicism means that you are most likely to be ignored. The next most likely reaction is usually a positive one...and each time this happens at least one more person thinks of our community more favourably. Negative reactions are very few and far between, and believe me when I say myself and my staff are more than capable of handling them on the ultra-rare occasions they do occur.