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I am always in the process of planning more fabulous trips to all sorts of exciting places and performances - cabaret clubs, theatres, restaurants, the TG scene's key annual events and even foreign locations are all part of a constantly developing and exhilarating future agenda!! Some of The Boudoir's forthcoming event plans for 2015 are already listed below - and don't forget the Latest News page is always worth keeping an eye on for additions to The Boudoir's diary and of course watch your email inbox too.

Please note - all listings below marked with an asterisk, do not have a preview write up available yet.

  • Saturday 9th May 2015 - The WayOut Club, Mary Janes, London

  • Monday 11th May 2015 - The Boudoir Annual Holiday, 5 Days Las Vegas & 5 Days Los Angeles, USA

  • Monday 25th May 2015 - Jodie Lynn Back At The Boudoir London

  • Saturday 30th May 2015 - The WayOut Club, Minories, London

  • Tuesday 2nd June 2015 - Bombshell, Shadow Lounge, London*

  • Saturday 13th June 2015 - The WayOut Club, Mary Janes, London

  • Wednesday 17th June 2015 - Royal Ascot, Ascot Racecourse, Berkshire *

  • Saturday 27th June 2015 - The WayOut Club, Minories, London

  • Friday 10th - Sunday 12th July 2015 - Sparkle, The National Transgender Celebration, Manchester*

  • Saturday 22nd August 2015 - Jodie Lynn's 40th birthday Celebration Dinner, Supreme Fabulettes Show @ Leicester Square Theatre & Clubbing, London*

  • Thursday 22nd - Sunday 25th October 2015 - Miss TV Scotland Weekend, King Malcolm Hotel, Dunfermline*

  • Tuesday 27th October - Friday 6th November 2015 - The Boudoir Halloween Holiday, Los Angeles, USA*

  • Monday 9th November 2015 - Jodie Back At The Boudoir London

  • Friday 4th December 2015 - The Boudoir Christmas Lunch, London*

  • Saturday 12th December 2015 - The Boudoir Milton Keynes Christmas Party*

  • Saturday 19th December 2015 -  The Boudoir Christmas Party, London*

WayOut Club, The Minories Or Mary Janes, London

At the door of The WayOut Club is a gorgeous and extremely tall friend of mine who will always have a place in my heartMiss Sarah Lloyd - one of London's most famous 'door whores.' With a friendly greeting from Miss Lloyd we ascend the magical stairs into the legendary TG wonderland that is The WayOut Club. Here another very special friend of mine greets us, the Bill Gates of the tranny world, none other then Vicky Lee - co-founder of the club. She is one of the most dedicated people I know, and via the club and her numerous publications has done a vast amount for our community. We then enjoy a bottle of bubbly or a refreshing soft drink at the bar and chat about all the amazing sights that you will see around the venue.

Whether you want to dance the night away, quietly people watch, relax in the seated area or watch the regular WayOut cabaret show, this club has has it all and together with The Boudoir we can make the dream of a place where "gender has no boundaries" an exciting reality!!

At the end of the evening, we can return to The Boudoir where you can get changed  back as though that woman you spent the evening as never even existed - but of course we will both know different and you will have some great memories!!

Here's The Deal

Makeover and hair at The Boudoir (including false nails or your own nails painted) - Wardrobe can be provided upon prior request - Tea, coffee, wine or champagne and our famous nibbles at The Boudoir - The cost of the trip is £195 not including taxi fares, club entrance fees (if applicable) or any food and drink consumed while out - Back to The Boudoir at the end of the evening for changing back.

If you would like to book a place on this outing please email Jodie Lynn at or call 020 8211 1666. A 50% deposit will be required to confirm your place on this event. Makeover slots will be confirmed a little nearer to the event, but bear in mind we do now try to operate on a first come first served appointment slot basis. These events are going to be very popular and The Boudoir Dressing Service is proud to be the only dressing service in England that provides this opportunity at this high class level, so be sure to book ASAP to avoid disappointment.

We have been informed that the WayOut Club is no longer being held at Gilt (from the beginning of March) or Yager Bar. It will then take place mainly at Minories, and occasionally at Mary Janes. Full reviews of these venues will be published here shortly

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