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Announcement - The Boudoir Midlands
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WayOut Club Outing
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Royal Ascot 2017
Announcement - The Boudoir LA Closing Statement

Announcement - The Boudoir Midlands It is with great pleasure that I can announce the opening of my new dressing service - The Boudoir Midlands.

The Boudoir Midlands is in Stafford, just a 5-minute drive from Junction 14 off of the M6. It is also an equally short 5-minute taxi journey from Stafford Station. We have plenty of free parking and the location is exceptionally private and discreet.

The Boudoir Midlands is providing a full dressing service and lounge as well as a separate photography studio for Professional Shoots and Mini-Shoots. We will also be organising events and accommodation can be provided on occasion.

We have some seriously faaaaabulous opening offers for you!!

50 Photo Shoot With Our Professional Photographer In Our New Studio

4 or 5 outfit changes. Wardrobe can be supplied or you can bring your own things. Makeover, nails and choice of wigs as usual.

Usual price - £500. Boudoir Midlands Introductory Price - £400.

Makeover To Go

Including false nails or your own shaped and painted.

Usual Price - £80. Boudoir Midlands Introductory Price - £65.

Make Up Lesson

2 hours, step-by-step tutorial showing you specific techniques in the art of male-to-female make up. This is everything you need to transform facially from male-to-female. A detailed and personalised Make Up Lesson sheet is also emailed to you after the tutorial to remind you of everything you have learnt.

Usual Price - £150. Boudoir Midlands Introductory Price - £120.

To book in for a Photoshoot, Make Up Lesson or for a Makeover To Go, please email or call 020 8211 1666. We do require a 50% deposit by cheque, bank transfer, PayPal or by paying into any HSBC bank.

Bombshell, Soho Wednesdays Are Back The Boudoir is so incredibly pleased to be able to present again a mid-week opportunity to get out and about for those of you who find weekends difficult - and of course for those who don't too.

Tasty Tim and Lady Lloyd have finally found a home worthy of their new night Bombshell. Muse Soho in Frith Street!! This is so good, as since the demise of Madame Jojos and Trannyshack the midweek has never been quite the same. But that has all changed now!!

The Boudoirs next trip to Bombshell is Wednesday 3rd May 2017.

Bombshell also attracts a host of unusual, colourful and flamboyant people who just love TV/TG/drag… either being in it, or just being around it. Lady Lloyd and Tasty Tim are the most glamorous hosts in London and will never fail to make this night special. The cabaret spot midway through the night is an absolute scream and well worth watching. Tasty and Lloyd are booking the cream of Londons drag talent to provide it, and they know everyone, so the standard of entertainment will be very high.

To book in please phone The Boudoir on 020 8211 1666 or email

WayOut Club Outing The Boudoir's next visit is in the diary for Saturday 6th May 2017. We have been informed the WayOut Club is no longer being held at Gilt or Yager Bar. It will now take place mainly at Minories, and occasionally at Mary Janes. Both of these venues are excellent and the legendary party atmosphere remains completely unaffected!!

On the 6h the club will be at Minories and the cabaret feature for the night is the Miss Miss Taura May with Miss Alexis Mendoza Chiforescu.

For more information on this event please click here, and to book in please phone The Boudoir on 020 8211 1666 or email

Viva Wildside, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Girls, girls, girls!! We have the most incredible trip for you that really will be an experience of a lifetime!! The Boudoir London holiday to Viva Wildside in Las Vegas from Sunday May 14th to Sunday May 21st 2017.

The Viva Wildside event in Las Vegas will be celebrating its 11th birthday this year and The Boudoir London is offering you the opportunity to spend a whole week glammed up to your glittering eyelashes to join in the celebrations.

Last year, 200 trans girls from across the world, congregated at The Tropicana Hotel to enjoy a whole week of organised events. These included lunches, dinners, cocktail bars, clubbing, group shopping trips and even a Rock Star Bus Tour (with a mass group photo in front of the famous Las Vegas sign)!! It was one of the most phenomenal events that The Boudoir London has ever attended. There was a huge bond formed between all of the girls who had only ever chatted with others on Facebook... suddenly faces in the virtual world became real life people. The fun was endless and Las Vegas was the perfect place to host such a special event.

The Boudoir London will be there for the whole week… specifically to make you look and feel beautiful. Last year we performed over 67 makeovers in 6 days. That was our rehearsal!! This year we are primed and ready to take on the world… literally!! For extensive information on this event please click here, and to book in please phone The Boudoir on 020 8211 1666 or email

Royal Ascot 2017 It may seem a long time to go, but Royal Ascot is such a major and fabulous trip we want to give you maximum time to plan your attendance. We shall be attending this most prestigious event on Wednesday 21st June 2017. If you have never been, this will be an unmissable opportunity to shine in your loveliest summer attire (and hat of course). If you have been before then you will know already what a special day out it is. There is lots to read about this outing so, please click here, and to book in please phone The Boudoir on 020 8211 1666 or email

The Boudoir LA Closing Statement It is with some sadness but also a happy heart that I must announce the closure of The Boudoir LA salon in West Hollywood. This is mainly due to our lease on the salon expiring, but also down to the complications of running a full-time business 5000 miles from London where I mainly live.

The last three years have been a dream come true for me. I have had the most incredible Hollywood adventure and it has been all thanks to you the girls that have visited me, Sunny and Devin. I have loved every minute of working with you all… and this is by no means the end!!

I intend to be in LA at least three times a year when The Boudoir LA will continue as a pop up business. I will still be offering Make Up Lessons, Makeovers-To-Go, Escorted Trips and Photoshoots. I am not leaving you ladies… just letting go of the property where it all began.

Victoria and yours truly will also be at Viva Wildside Las Vegas this year as usual, ready to make you all look and feel incredible!!

The Boudoir LA website and all social media will continue as usual and will be the means by which you can find out when I will be in town and what I am planning.

So here is to a bright and positive 2017, where we shall continue to enjoy lots of laughs and new experiences together and of course… limitless glamour!!

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The Boudoir Shop Is Now Open

The Boudoir Shop is now available at!! where you can now purchase online the tried and tested products that have helped make The Boudoir famous throughout the world as The Best Dressing Service In England. All the classic products you could ever need to create a complete male-to-female transformation are available. Foundation, Concealer, Bronzer, Blusher, Eyeshadow, Lip Colour, Liner Pencils - We stock them all!! You need Applicators and Brushes? A Make Up Case, Wig Products or some sexy False Lashes - Well look no further!! For Instructional CD Roms and Videos with all the tricks of the trade - This is the place!! Searching for the latest Books and Magazines? - Your quest is over!! And we must not forget The Boudoir Shop's great value Make Up Sets for those just starting out. The aim is to give shoppers brilliant products and great service, so what's stopping you? Click here and make that purchase today!!

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New Twitter and Facebook Accounts

Social media addicts alert!! The Boudoir now has a new, improved and very active Twitter account for you to follow!! Hook up with us here for exclusive offers and regular peeks behind the scenes. Please don't forget our Facebook page either which is another great place for the very hottest news... see you in cyberspace girls!!

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