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New - A Coronavirus Announcement About The Boudoir Reopening

Current Lockdown Services

Important Notice The Boudoir London has a NEW phone number. With immediate effect the new number is 020 7790 6682.

A Coronavirus Announcement About The Boudoir Reopening

I have never been so happy to write an announcement!! Based on the advice of the government, and comparing my one-to-one, face-to-face business to be similar to that of a hairdresser or a beautician, I have decided to reopen the doors to The Boudoir on Wednesday July 1st 2020.

This is of course subject to the numbers of COVID-
19 cases in England continuing to decrease and the government still approving businesses such as mine to return to work. But let’s think positive. So please feel free to start making your appointments NOW!

Here Are A Few Things That Will Be Different At Your Appointments For The Foreseeable Future

I will be wearing a mask covering my nose and mouth.

I will be asking you to declare honestly if you have any symptoms such as a cough or high temperature (no matter how mild) directly before your session. I will do the same. We owe each other this!!

I will be taking your temperature with a forehead thermometer upon arrival. If your temperature is above the stated guideline temp of 37.8°C, we will have to reschedule your session and you will not lose your deposit.

I will be asking you to leave your shoes in a box by the door. Your outdoor coat will also be left on a hanger by the door too.

I will be asking you to change from any outdoor clothes, to a robe and undergarments immediately after your arrival.

You will be asked to wash your hands as soon as you arrive too. I can do the same for your peace of mind. We will be switching to paper towels instead of hand towels.

What Remains The Same

The dressing service and one-to-one trips will remain exactly the same as before.

The appointment system remains the same where all new appointments must be covered with a 50% deposit.

For those of you that have deposits / credit with me, we will deduct that from your appointment cost or where you have paid in full through my special deal, your appointment cost is already taken care of. Happy days!!

For those of you that had to cancel appointments because of COVID-19, that deposit or payment will of course be carried forward and honoured. We are all good.

We have free, safe and secure parking for those of you that do not want to risk travelling by underground. Just ask me for the details when you book.

The magic remains the sameand we need to make lots of it to make up for lost time!! So lets go girls!!

What I Can Do To Reassure You

I personally have not had any symptoms of COVID-19 so far and have been adhering to all distancing requirements. I am running three times a week, an average of 10-11 miles a week. My lungs are working very well and I am fitter and healthier than ever!

I will be wearing a face mask on your appointments.

All utensils and brushes will be washed and sterilised in between clients and all surfaces will be wiped down with isopropyl alcohol that will kill any germs or bacteria.

All garments are cleaned in between clients.

What I Have Been Doing In The Last 3 Months

I have washed every single wig and every single item of clothing. I have detoxed the entire Boudoir collection and we are now lighter, more organised and ready to rock.

I have completed the Barbicide course on proper sanitation and disinfection practices and procedures consistent with the current highest industry standards.

I have been working on ways to make The Boudoir environment safe, happy and magical for you.

I have been missing you all like crazy and thinking of amazing new adventures for us all!!

So the Boudoir booking lines are now open!! Email
or call 020  790 6682. Alternatively DM me on Facebook messenger or text / WhatsApp me if you have my private mobile number.

Current Lockdown Services

Skype Sessions, Pre-paid Vouchers and Clean, Fresh Wigs from The Boudoir London!! Ladies, ladies, ladies!! A worldwide lockdown is now in place and any non-essential travel is advised against. So how are we going to get our girl time in? Well, I have been thinking long and hard about how to get us through these dark times and I have come up with a few ideas to keep the glamour flowing!! If it helps us both then something positive has come out of the gloomy times we are in!!

Pre-paid Vouchers For Future Sessions

Understandably, the vast majority of my bookings for the foreseeable future have cancelled. This is obviously a very worrying time for any business of any size. I have seen that a number of small business who are going to be struggling terribly without any income (I am one of them) are advertising vouchers for services to be redeemed at a future time. Obviously, this would help enormously with the rent, bills etc. Our bills still have to be paid regardless of the world coming to a halt due to Covid-19. But you need to benefit from this too. So I am offering a 10% discount on all deposits paid for future appointments. Deposits are traditionally 50% of the total amount. I am also offering a 15% discount on all sessions paid in full.

So for example: 2 hours SessionDeposit usually £70, will now be £63. Paid in full usually £140, will now be £119.

We can agree a date for your session/s once we are all a bit clearer as to what is happening in the world. I really want to be able to keep things going at The Boudoir London so that I can plan bigger and better than ever before. I have lots of amazing ideas of how to make changes to The Boudoir and the services I offer but I cannot do anything without an income!!

Skype 1.5 – 2 Hours Make Up Lessons

You will need your own make up for this one and some good lighting. I will take you step-by-step through the process by applying make up on myself whilst you replicate what I am doing. I will guide you and take you through the entire male-to-female makeover process. We can create a natural day look or a sultry evening look or I can show you how to adapt a day look into an evening look. If you fancy something a little more outrageous, we can do that too. We can look at what products and brushes you are using and I can advise you as to what is missing and what you might need to help with your practice. We can also look at wig styling and how to get the most out of your crowning glory. We can do big hair, sleek hair, up dos and down dos!! I will email you a step-by-step, detailed guide at the end of the lesson for you to use for future reference.

Price - £95

Skype Wardrobe Detox/Advice

Do you have a whole load of clothes that you are unsure about? Not sure if you are wearing things correctly or what goes with what to get the best possible combinations? Let’s go through your wardrobe together. At the end of the session you may have a new, streamlined and organised wardrobe or a better understanding of what is possible with the choices in your collection. Either way… your wardrobe will have never looked so good!! Let’s call this a virtual dressing session where you get to show me what you have!! This is going to be a very fun session but we may have to make some difficult decisions over what stays and what goes.

- £40 per hour

These are WORLDWIDE SERVICES and I can easily adapt to take time differences from different countries into consideration. I will fit in with you as best as I can!!

How do we set this up? Firstly we will agree a time and a date. Secondly I will ask you to pay in full by either bank transfer or PayPal. Once that is in place, our session is confirmed. Then we just wait for the day!! It may also be possible to extend the session once we are into it and know if we need more time, its flexible!!

Wig Washing & Conditioning

Is your wig looking a bit tired and in need of a some TLC. Send it over to me in the post, I will wash and condition it and send it back to you looking and smelling as fresh as a daisy!!

Price - £20 for 1 wig. £30 for 2 wigs.

VIP Wig Service Including Wig Trimming

The same as above but with a good trim to get rid of all the fuzzy bits caused by friction and wear and tear!! We give your wig a lovely wash and condition followed by a trim that will leave it looking and feeling brand new.

- £35 for 1 wig. £45 for 2 wigs.

How do we make this work? You post your wig to us, we take care of it and post it back to you once it is looking a million dollars. Postage will be extra but we will keep the costs to a minimum whilst using a service that tracks the package. Wigs weigh next to nothing so the costs can be kept low.

All wig services have to be fully paid for in advance, by PayPal or bank transfer.

I hope that some of these services can be of use to some of you so that we can help each other get through these uncertain times. I wish all of you a safe and calm period of self-isolation and lets pull together to make this time as bright as we possibly can.

To book your session, organise a voucher or a wig service, please email me at or call 020 7790 6682.

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The Boudoir Shop Is Now Open

The Boudoir Shop is now available at!! where you can now purchase online the tried and tested products that have helped make The Boudoir famous throughout the world as The Best Dressing Service In England. All the classic products you could ever need to create a complete male-to-female transformation are available. Foundation, Concealer, Bronzer, Blusher, Eyeshadow, Lip Colour, Liner Pencils - We stock them all!! You need Applicators and Brushes? A Make Up Case, Wig Products or some sexy False Lashes - Well look no further!! For Instructional CD Roms and Videos with all the tricks of the trade - This is the place!! Searching for the latest Books and Magazines? - Your quest is over!! And we must not forget The Boudoir Shop's great value Make Up Sets for those just starting out. The aim is to give shoppers brilliant products and great service, so what's stopping you? Click here and make that purchase today!!

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New Twitter and Facebook Accounts

Social media addicts alert!! The Boudoir now has a new, improved and very active Twitter account for you to follow!! Hook up with us here for exclusive offers and regular peeks behind the scenes. Please don't forget our Facebook page either which is another great place for the very hottest news... see you in cyberspace girls!!

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The Boudoir LA Closing Statement

It is with some sadness but also a happy heart that I must announce the closure of The Boudoir LA salon in West Hollywood. This is mainly due to our lease on the salon expiring, but also down to the complications of running a full-time business 5000 miles from London where I mainly live.

The last three years have been a dream come true for me. I have had the most incredible Hollywood adventure and it has been all thanks to you the girls that have visited me, Sunny and Devin. I have loved every minute of working with you all… and this is by no means the end!!

I intend to be in LA at least three times a year when The Boudoir LA will continue as a pop up business. I will still be offering Make Up Lessons, Makeovers-To-Go, Escorted Trips and Photoshoots. I am not leaving you ladies… just letting go of the property where it all began.

Victoria and yours truly will also be at Viva Wildside Las Vegas this year as usual, ready to make you all look and feel incredible!!

The Boudoir LA website and all social media will continue as usual and will be the means by which you can find out when I will be in town and what I am planning.

So here is to a bright and positive 2017, where we shall continue to enjoy lots of laughs and new experiences together and of course… limitless glamour!!

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Makeup, hair or wig styling, false nails or your own shaped and painted are all included in the price of £90.

If you would like to book a place on this outing please email Jodie Lynn at or call 020 7790 6682. A 50% deposit will be required to confirm your place on this event. Makeover slots will be confirmed a little nearer to the event, but bear in mind we do now try to operate on a first come first served appointment slot basis.

This event is going to be very popular and The Boudoir Dressing Service is proud to be the only dressing service in England that provides this opportunity at this high class level, so be sure to book ASAP to avoid disappointment.