Shopping Trips

The Boudoir's Shopping Trips are a particularly popular type of escorted outing. As all The Boudoir staff are long-term and self-confessed shopaholics, we can assure you that you will find everything you desire with either Miss Jodie Lynn or our esteemed shopping expert Miss Gemma (see The Boudoir Team). There are very few shops that these ladies do not know about, and they are renowned for not only finding everything on your list for you, but also for their expert knowledge on pricing which never fails to keep you within your budget.

We begin with an assessment of exactly what you are looking for on your Shopping Trip, what sizes you are, what limitations you have i.e. body hair, muscled arms etc., and of course your budget. We also establish if you have any preferences in terms of style, colours or particular labels. If you are totally oblivious to what you want or what you like that's fine too, as we can advise you. Next is your makeover with Jodie Lynn, this will be a suitable day look and be as convincing as possible. Then we choose an appropriate wig for you and also dress you in the clothes which any lady in the High Street or department store would wear. Comfortable shoes are also an absolute must!! You will thank us for this advice at the end of the trip we can assure you. After you are completely comfortable with the way that you look and feel, we then depart from The Boudoir by taxi, which will take us safely to our chosen destination.

Clothes and Shoe Shopping

The Boudoir is located a short taxi ride away from one of the UK's newest and most exciting shopping malls, Westfield Stratford City. Boasting over 300 stores this fabulous venue is the third largest of its kind in the country and is adjacent to the London Olympic Park. There is an abundance of shops and concessions to suit every style and budget, as well as an unrivalled selection of cafés and restaurants for those all important breaks from retail therapy. Follow these links to get lists of the stores in each category:

The following West End stores are also familiar hunting grounds for Shopping Trips with Boudoir customers:

  • Harrods
  • Selfridges
  • Harvey Nicholls
  • House of Fraser
  • Debenhams
  • Marks and Spencers
  • Evans
  • Long Tall Sally
  • Magnus

The heart of Soho is very much the hub of numerous well known shops that many trannies shop in, or at least would like to; Mini Diamonds (for larger size necklaces and jewellery), Anne Summers (naughty lingerie), Agent Provocateur (more naughty lingerie), Paradiso (rubber and fetish wear), plus many other shops that sell larger shoes, sexy PVC etc. in larger sizes. Chiltern Street (just round the back of Oxford Street) is a great place for trannies as you will find the very good Magnus shoe shop that sells size 8-12 women's shoes, not tranny's shoes, but real women’s shoes… in other words… good quality shoes that are not plastic. I thoroughly recommend this shop to anyone. You also have Long Tall Sally here which is excellent for the taller, longer-limbed girls. If you have long legs and long arms, this is a great place for you. I have seen so many girls agonise over blouses and tops that are never long enough on the arms…well worry no more as Long Tall Sally will resolve this problem for you. When sale season is on there are some great bargains here to be had!!

During your Shopping Trip it is more then likely that lunch will enter the equation and we have a number of restaurants that we frequent on a regular basis that are tranny friendly. At the end of our Shopping Trip, we have a nice relaxing drink in a coffee bar (usually in-store) and then we gladly step back to rendezvous with our taxi to bring us back to The Boudoir, where you will change back and get ready to go home.

Wig Shopping

The Boudoir will provide you with a top quality makeover and an Escorted Trip to a reputable wig outlet. Jodie Lynn will give you an unbiased opinion and guide you in terms of pricing, style, colour and length. Jodie writes... I have had so many people bring in the most awful and badly made wigs that they have been sold at a ridiculous price whilst being told "This is definitely the wig for you." Only to find it was waste of time and money as you they have been blatantly misguided and totally ripped off!! Unfortunately as trannies, you are sometimes seen as a bit of an easy target when it comes to certain retail outlets. But for some reason, real girls aren't… so as an experienced person in the tranny industry, I can steer you away from this kind of exploitation whether this is in a wig shop or indeed any other retail outlet. A whole range of new and nearly new wigs are available for purchase direct from The Boudoir.