We at The Boudoir understand that a visit to a Dressing Service for the first time can be quite a nervy prospect for many. So below are some of the nice comments and thank you messages that have been kindly emailed to us over the last twelve months - they will hopefully reassure anyone with the jitters that like any service-based business The Boudoir's reputation is based on the way it makes its clients feel. A successful appointment for you is of paramount importance to us, a fact that you will see reflected in the quotes below from our many satisfied customers.


Thank you again for yesterday - it was a great and fun experience! I'd love to do this a bit more in the future - costumes or not... it definitely fills me with a bit more confidence doing something I enjoy. I quite like the creative process and experimentation of it all, and would like to try different characteristics that make up and dressing can bring. I really want to get better at applying make up and you were ever so helpful... maybe next time I can get some tips on poses, fashion and the like. I'd really appreciate it! In closing, hope you had a fine day yesterday and hope to visit you again soon - D.

Just want to tell you that I had a fantastic time at The Boudoir on Saturday. I felt fabulous with all the great looks that you gave me. I've viewed all the photos and they are beautiful. I feel privileged, I really do. You are fantastic at what you do and you deserve all the success you have had. I will definitely be coming again. Thank you so much - Sandra.

Just wanted to say a big thank you for Friday, I had the best time, thanks for the mags and for always making me look good - Ashley.

I promised you that I would let you know how showing my Mom the photos went. First of all I made her some Chinese crispy chicken, and got her in a good mood with my cooking skills. Then I showed her the photos... All I can say Jodie is that you are an utter star/genius/angel!! The more I look at them the more I like them (does that sound awful?) and my Mom was amazed at them. She thought that I looked so pretty and convincing (I can't tell you how that made me feel to hear my Mom say that!!) She loved them all, but as you thought, she liked the candid ones more than the posed ones. She liked the ones with me in the chair, in the turquoise top and jeans (and commented on the legs that you had 'Gok-ed'!) and she loved the ones of me in the polka dot dress. She seemed to be really happy that I looked so 'normal' and was smiling in the photos. I told her that you were very naughty making me laugh all the time, and I pointed out those wonderful Jessica Simpson shoes, to which her reply was "Well I guess I know what you want for Christmas!!" - E.

Thank you so much for the whole of yesterday. I'm back home after a Royal Ascot - the sights and sounds were at times overwhelming, and I will retain vivid and fantastic memories until the day I shuffle off this mortal coil. Even if you were the most stressed person in Slough yesterday morning, from where I was sitting everything went so well and smoothly. I don't think that happened by accident!! If ever the military needed some help in their logistics department then they could no better than to make their way over to Seven Sisters!! I really enjoyed meeting your Mum and Dad, your friends and of course, Gemma. They also worked their socks off and they're lovely people too. Please would you let them know? I'm really proud and privileged to have met all the girls also, and I really, really enjoyed their company throughout. For me, what makes being a tranny so great are the people I meet - not only in the TG world, but also everyone else 'out there'. They were all great and thank you very much!! - Georgia.

Just a quick email to say thanks for yesterday, I'm sure you've been told a thousand times, but you are a miracle worker!! - J.

It a month since I saw you and I really can’t wait to become Loulou again, I don't know when I will be able to fit it in but it must be done. I just didn't want to wash my make up off when it was time, it was fantastic looking like a girl, I quite like the idea of a goth look next, much darker eyes, still with bright red lips... sorry there I go again - Loulou. I really can’t believe still, even though I have the pictures of how feminine you made me look. I will forever be in your debt for that day - the 7th May 2008 is a day I will remember for the rest of my life, I know there are going to be more of them - Loulou.

Just a quick note to thank you for yesterday. I had a look at the photos today - absolutely fantastic, I can't believe what you did. It's not just about the photos though. Thank you for making me feel at ease when I was so nervous. I really enjoyed chatting with you and I look forward to doing it again when circumstances allow - Natalie.

Thanks so much for the yesterday - I'm looking at my photos now and I'm in shock, frankly. You accomplished something amazing and made me, a 43 year old bloke look and feel like a beautiful woman! It’s a feeling I love and I can't wait to do it again. What you do is amazing, I can't recommend you highly enough to any girls out there who haven't tried The Boudoir magic yet. Thank you and see you again soon!! - Lisa.

What a good night last night - am still laughing about some of the conversations. It was a good play, good restaurant and nice to have a small but exclusive number. I enjoyed the whole thing - Nikki.

Just wanted to say thanks again for today it was fantastic. Having psyched myself up to go and see you it was great that it was so "normal" once I was there with you and your Dad. Was excellent to finally work with you having seen all your fab stuff on the web. Looking forward to the photos - Helena.

A short note to say thank you for my makeover yesterday. It was fascinating to see the difference the "war paint" makes. I used one of the pics as my avatar on The Angels forum and posted about my visit on The Boudoir thread and immediately had a PM from one of the girls asking about the wig. I shall be in touch next month and we can organise a makeup lesson - Holly.

I finally got home tonight and have been able to look at the photos from my appointment on Tuesday afternoon. There are so many photos and so many of them are good that I can't begin to thank you enough. Each of the looks that we tried was good but the last one with the long dark brown wavy wig was fantastic. It made me feel so good - I can barely put into words how good - it almost took my breath away. The outfit worked so well as well - it all made me feel so pretty. I can't thank you enough. I have to admit though that one of the nicest moments of the afternoon was when one of your friends called (whilst you were balancing on top of a chair) and you told her that you were just taking photos of one of 'my girls'. It may have been a simple comment but it meant so much to me. I hadn't thought about it on my previous visit but I guess I must be a Boudette now. For someone that has always felt like a bit of an outsider I can say that I'm proud to be one of Jodie's girls. I'll be back as soon as I can - Lisa.

Thank you so much for yesterday and Tuesday. You took my dream and made her flesh and blood. I love the pictures, they prove I wasn't dreaming. Once again, thanks for breathing life into me - Vida.

Got the CDs and wow the pictures are brilliant. I could fancy myself, and I'm not even lesbian!! Well done both of you for making me a quarter decent. These are exactly what was needed for work, but my family and friends love them too - Melissa.

Just a quick email to thank you for a fabulous evening. I felt right at home, comfortable and easy!! I do not promise to come soon, but whenever I can, 200% it is going to be with The Boudoir!! - Anna.

Thank you once again for an absolutely lovely time this afternoon. I really enjoyed myself and you made it such fun. You got me to try things I wouldn't have thought of and the make up and look you created was sheer genius. It really is a pleasure to have met you. I can't wait to do it again!! - Michelle.

Just a quick note to say thank you very much for today. You really are fantastically skilful and the results were impressive. I'm sure I'll be back in due course, probably in the spring. Depends very much on the course my trannying takes - I really enjoyed being fully dressed - Demi.

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed our trip to Trendco the other day, and especially lunch. It was such fun and it has prompted me to get involved with some of your trips. I am going to try to come to see Rent and will get back to you shortly about this. If not then, it will be an evening to the WayOut Club- I can't wait!! - Nikki.

I have received my photos today and I am totally blown away with them. You have surpassed all my expectations and I would like to thank you and Mike for making me most welcome and making it such a wonderful day. You have certainly brought the best out of me. Hope to thank you in person on the Rose's Boat trip - Jenny.

I just had to drop you a note to thank you so much for yesterday. I can't tell you how nervous I was when I arrived, but you are brilliant at putting people at ease, I really thought I was a lost cause and could not believe your skill at make up. Once again, thank you and I am sure I will be seeing you again in the not too distant future - Trudy.

Just a quick note to say thank you so, so much for today. It was simply one of the most special moments I have ever experienced. I was very nervous going in, but you made me feel right at home, and by the time I was on outfit number three, I had forgotten totally about my nerves and even about how I looked a few hours before!! It felt so natural and the looks you achieved really wowed me. All of the looks were so different but each one made me feel so pretty and more like the person I often imagine myself to be. I also must mention your skill with my little camera - the pics are so fab that I've posted some on my Flickr page. Feel free to show them to other girls starting out if it will help them feel at ease... surely no one could be as uneasy and nervous as I was, or even as insecure about their body when facing a makeover. I know you and some of the others helped me to feel braver and to make my dream day come true, so if I can be similarly helpful to others, then I will do so willingly. Once more, many, many thanks Jodie, and I really hope to visit again someday and maybe even venture out on one of your trips - Emma.

Just to say thank you for the most wonderful day I have ever had as a crossdresser. I don’t think there are any words that could describe the emotions I was experiencing, so I am not going to even try!! Thanks to Mike, he was great and did make me feel so much at ease (as you said). If you told me a year ago that I would be chatting to a guy while dressed in women’s clothes and wearing make up...I would never have believed you!! I am getting withdrawal symptoms while I wait for my photos, but I guess I will have to just sweat it out!! Anyway, once again thanks so much, hopefully my animals will let me come again in the not so distant future - Jayne.

Someone is looking down and smiling on me as I have just received my photos in the post a day earlier than expected...and they are fantastic!! It is the nearest I will ever get to look passable, you and your Dad have done a truly marvellous job, once I get the CD I will put them away somewhere safe and secure, I hope it is soon because I can’t stop looking at them!! I really did enjoy my day but very sad that it had to end, I can't believe how much I have progressed, being seen dressed by other people is something I have kept hidden for 40!! It was great to see you again and I really look forward to seeing you again at the indisputably Best Dressing Service... anywhere - J.

I had a really relaxed, fun and helpful time with you - just what I wanted. You made me feel really welcome and valued. I've looked at all the photos and I think you made me look totally fabulous. Me and Spike on the rug together are especially cute - hard to tell which of us is the more gorgeous!! Naturally, I'm prejudiced so I'd have to say it was me, though I admit it's a close-run thing. I'm sure Spike would never agree!! I'll be in touch again once work/career moves have settled down, hopefully soon, as I'd love to look that good again. Thanks for the wig/make up/nail tips - Sue.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for today Jodie. I went home with a huge smile on my face and it’s still here now - even though I know the smile sometimes takes some coaxing out of me I really hope you know I was smiling inside all day long!! Thanks again for a lovely, lovely day - Jemma.

As always - thank you for looking after us all on Wednesday. Please do also pass on my thanks to your Mum and Gemma - who I thought at first were coming with us: It is very evident you have some good support and friends there - how lucky you are. Well the Dorchester was a hoot and an excellent day, though perhaps rather sad that everyone had to not just go their own way but also get 'unready' before hoofing off, which must, I suppose, be a bit of a downer for you as well. When I made an appointment with you in July I didn't know that a few months after walking into The Boudoir and meeting my first tranny (Stacey) that I'd happily be walking round London and the country - and the credit for that goes to you. Since then, I've spent more at MAC then my wife and daughter have on everything all year - I've been out and done things that previously I never would have imagined, simple things like just going out, meeting friends, lunches, dinners, clubs and concerts - Jane.

The scene - inside my car straight after I left you on Saturday with Nicky and Niamh. Nicky turns round and says "Jodie, she’s quite a star, isn’t she?". "Yes", I said. "Yes, she is". .. and so the conversation continued. I dropped them off at the tube with them both saying that they will be back for other trips. Their body languages both said that they had a great time. It was a good day - good restaurant, good meal, good chat, good show, good seats, good view. Another great Saturday out and I thank you for that.

That’s not really the full story, just the mechanics of the day. On Saturday I find myself in a taxi in a traffic jam taking decisions whether to get out and walk the remaining way through Piccadilly Circus and Shaftesbury Avenue to the restaurant. I obviously had to judge if that was a responsible thing to do, but once decided I do it all with complete confidence and assurance. So where did all that come from? The answer is that in The Boudoir, flowers grow and blossoms bloom. That is really what I want to thank you for. It may not be something that you consciously strive for but by the atmosphere that you create and by the strength of your personality, it happens.

I have often heard you say that you have been surprised by how well The Boudoir has done, especially the trips side of it. Knowing how I feel, I can well understand why you have such a large group of regulars and do so well. There is a glue within us that binds us together. It must be organic as it thickens itself. It is you that creates the environment in which it can grow; that is quite an achievement. The Boudoir is a great place; it means a lot to me and I know it means a lot to others. I do feel that I have to express that appreciation to you both regularly and clearly. Had I not stumbled across The Boudoir all those years ago, DPL would still be around, but it would not be the same DPL that we both know so well today. Thank you for Saturday, thank you for everything - DPL.

The pics arrived today and they're fantastic!! Thank you so so much!! I just wanted to say thank you for what was one of the best days ever, both myself and B had a brilliant time, thanks for your hospitality, it was such a fun shoot and you both really put me at ease - JB.

I am back in sweet home. I enjoyed so much last night. It was already my third night out trip in my life. First, it was the Repartee Party, then the Pigalle Nightclub Trip, and now the WayOut Club. I enjoyed all of them and felt in heaven!! I also feel safe in your presence. When I heard that we were going to a restaurant near The Barbican, I become afraid. However, I immediately felt safe again and it was very nice in the Italian restaurant. As I already wrote to you last year, you’re are a wonderful person and beautiful woman. Your eyes also are from your Mum!! And Spike? I met him yesterday - indeed he is an exceptional personality!! He is so smart, I think his girlfriend's name must be Cleopatra!! I have known your website and the old one since a very, very long time. I am very sad that I didn't come to The Boudoir much earlier (when I was young and beautiful lol). Unfortunately, it is not possible to go back in time and live life again and enjoy much more than in the first life. The three trips with you are only three evenings of my whole life, but they are indeed the most unforgettable of my life to date. I hope very much that I will meet you at least once more in my life. Best wishes - Jessica form Germany.

I’m loving my pics babe, the ones in the dress are just what I wanted, and the ‘white’ Ash shots are great!! I really love the photos where I’m on the floor on the leopard print background plus the ones on the stool and chair. Thank you so much....you are a kick as make up artist babe - Ashley.

Hi Jodie, I wanted to thank you for such a lovely day, you made me look amazing and feel so comfortable. I am sorry i was a bit quiet - it was a case of nerves and speechlessness at your work!! The pictures are so good I have already added to my profile. I look at your make up then look at mine - who says you can’t polish a turd (lol). I will definately return when the time is right and would love to join you on a night out. You are a lovely person and just chatting to you was so normal and comfortable, then I took a quick peek in the mirror to see this hot chick looking back at. It appears like many of us your road hasn't been as smooth as would like, but it’s great The Boudoir is doing well after the effort you have put in. It’s good to see good things happen to good people. Thanks again much love and see you soon - Chantelle.

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed today. I am still in a state of shock that you managed to get me to look so good - you truly are a magician. Hopefully I will be able to book another appointment sometime in the future and may even get brave enough to venture out - Sal.

I'd like to thank you for Saturday, it was a pleasure to meet you. Even if I did seem quite tense, I found it a really relaxing experience. What put me at ease was your high morals and how evident it was that you were a person totally dedicated to your profession. You did a fantastic job and it's nice I can still recognise myself as a person in the photographs and still look so much like a woman. You seemed to know exactly what look I wanted without me giving much away at all. After leaving on Saturday I felt extremely high-spirited and had a spring in my step, any man who has no interest in dressing as a woman what so ever would easily be turned by a trip to the Boudoir. I wish you all the best with your company, it certainly should be up there with Microsoft. I admire the communal feel that The Boudoir had when you were getting ready on Saturday night and could see that it's a place where everybody feels immediately comfortable. I hope to come back real soon - Joe.

Thank you very much for all your patience and good humour yesterday afternoon. While trying (and probably failing) to be all cool on the surface, I was a bundle of nerves underneath. Your friendly, informal approach did so much to put me at ease, so that I could really enjoy the new experience - and enjoy it I did!! The way you managed to transform such base material (me!!) was nothing short of amazing - you are a true artist and an angel as well - Ella.

I have not had a bad life to date, and there have been some exceptional moments that I will always remember - I call them "golden moments" where I have had the time of my life. Usually these memories are set off by music that was being played at the time. When I got into work last night, everything seemed/felt different, I can’t really explain it but I felt that the last two hours (my appointment) had not really happened until I looked at the pictures of me that you took. This then, became another golden moment and although I will definitely be ringing you for further appointments, the first time is always the most memorable. The photos were absolutely wonderful!! So once again... thank you - Jayne.

I just wanted to drop you a line a say how thrilled I was to come to The Boudoir yesterday. I had a fantastic time and was amazed at the look you created for me. You have really inspired me to grow as Evie (see using my femme name with abandon now!!) and take her out of the closet as much as possible. I will definitely come back to your place for my future outings and will recommend The Boudoir to anyone who listens. I was really pleased with my photos, you are a magician - Evie.

Thank you for last Saturday. You could not have chosen a better show to go and see. It was excellent. At some points I had to get my compact out and dab my face to wipe away the tears of laughter. That tells it all. I think that this is my anniversary week - 5 years since I first stepped into The Boudoir. I do not recall the exact date; I just recall it was a midweek afternoon in mid January and it was a dull and drizzling day. I had a 1.00pm appointment. I walked in and you were at your computer. Your Dad was there too. He chatted to me while you finished off what you were doing. You had just come back from Thailand and he was telling all about it. We had the standard 3 hour dressing service with 2 outfits - one was a black dress and I have no recollection of what the second one was. I had been to Visions a few times before I came to you and she always put a cloth over the mirror so I could never see myself until the makeover was complete. So I do recall finding it quite odd seeing myself as you worked on me. There are no photos of the afternoon; I never thought to bring a camera and yours was full as you were not able to upload the backlog of pictures on it for some reason. So the occasion is just a memory. Perhaps that's how it should be.

At the end I arranged to come back 10 days later and go on a trip to Trans-Mission. I knew from the start that all I wanted to do was to go out. I had been to the Philbeach twice, with Ann making me up downstairs, and that had put the "getting out" bug into me. In fact on just the second trip at the Philbeach I walked with some girl there down the road to Tesco’s, which was quite daunting but I did it. I was quite awed by The Boudoir and many of the other girls for quite a while when I started. When I saw photos on Boudettes of events that I had not attended, I did, literally, have a tingle in my spine as I thought "Wow, I’m mixing with girls of that standard".

I did settle in, but it took a while. There were two events in particular that had a great effect on me - first being made ‘Boudette of the Month’ which was very unexpected. I did naturally have secret hopes that one day I might be that but it was quite a surprise when it came. Second was being invited to the Grayson Perry lunch – that really did make me feel good. I thank you for all the five years and hope to have many more to come. You have treated me very well and I don’t think that I have ever been upset with you or anything you have done in all that time. There is this great atmosphere in The Boudoir which does encourage you to improve yourself. I feel it quite strongly. I could rattle on with anecdotes of the five years all night. Long may your tranny trips continue - Deborah.

Just to thank you for giving me the most amazing experience yesterday and bringing out Samantha. I could not have been more nervous which was why I was a little quiet, but you soon made me feel more at ease and the pictures were fabulous darling. Hope to see you again soon - Samantha.

I have just got home from a day out that I will remember even if I live to be 100. What you do is special. Yes, it is the way you pay the mortgage but every day you make someone's life special and when you get home I hope that gives you something to make you feel good. I didn't know what to expect today, but from the moment I walked in I felt at ease. I hope I came across as a regular guy who just likes wearing frocks. You will not be surprised that the first thing I did was to put the CD into the PC!! There are, of course, some duff pictures in there of me which will not be shared with anyone else, but plenty to remind me that you did indeed do some magic today. There is a huge desire to share the me you created today with the rest of the world but it's one step at a time for a cautious person… Thank you again - 'M'.

You were as talented as ever today and such lovely company. You are so great to me and I do enjoy the time so much - Jaynie.

Just wanted to say a really, really big thank you for turning J. into Jemma today!! I was really nervous this morning and could have got off the train, and to be honest walked past your door a couple of times but am I am so glad I came. You made me feel so at ease and look better than I could ever have imagined and I really cannot thank you enough - Jemma Jane.

We have just returned from our trip to London and just have to say thank you for a fabulous afternoon the other day, we really enjoyed ourselves. I was so impressed by your make up skills. It was an afternoon I will always remember because it was the first time in my life where I looked like I feel inside. You made us feel so at home and treated us so professionally - Tracey and Chris.

I’m not a person of many words but if you knew how much it meant to me, when the make up was finished and the wig and clothes where on and I saw myself in the mirror it was a struggle not to cry with joy. I was looking at myself as I feel inside for the first time in ages, its given back a confidence and belief in myself that I had lost. What you are doing Jodie is far beyond a job you, are giving transgendered persons like myself hope, heart, confidence and a belief in themselves as well. You are a very special person Jodie for the care and support that you give - Ami.

Just thought I’d drop an email to thank you for another lovely day yesterday. The time just seemed to fly by. I was just looking through the piccies you took on my antique digital camera if there is such a thing!! I wish I could look even 10% as good as you make me do at home. I hopefully will be back soon for another visit to see Jennifer again how she should look - Jennifer.

As always I feel that a verbal ‘thank you’ is never quite enough and a more formalised one is better suited to the occasion. Events (Miss TV Scotland) like these can seem so normal when you are on them; it is only when you return to your normal life and can view them in some perspective that you fully appreciate how extraordinary they really are. I can see how much effort goes into them on your part; standing there doing makeovers solidly for 6 hours plus each day is quite a workload. I don’t know if you ever do feel a bit stressed towards the end. If so it never shows, you always remain positive and cheerful to us all throughout.

I know from my own experiences in business life that organising things is not the easiest of occupations. You soon hear if anything goes wrong but often don’t get much feedback if things go perfectly. So ‘thank you’ for the trip,  it was a great weekend. I do love your trips and appreciate the efforts that you put into them to make them successful. Do say ‘thank you’ to Maureen too for beavering away as the unsung hero behind the scenes.

I know I have told you many times in the past but I would like to say again that the image you give me, hair and make-up, is wonderful. If we pick on Saturday in particular, I thought it was perfect. It is just the look I want. I don’t think it can be bettered. I know the style how I like to dress and, rather remarkably, find it quite easy now to get that style. All in all, I am really happy with the total look. I would love to come up sometime and have a photoshoot to record it all - Deborah.

Sorry it has taken me a while to get write this email but both Lorraine and I just wanted to know how much we enjoyed our visit to you this week. We had a great time and thanks for making me so welcome. The pics we took have created a lot of interest with our friends and I know you will be getting some enquires for sure - Nicola.

Back home now... floated all the way home on 'cloud nine' in a blissful daze!! Really enjoyed today, absolutely stunned by the new look . Most of all, lovely to see you again and catch up - Lisa.

First of all let me say a huge huge. huge thank you. The ball (Rubber Ball 2007) was utterly amazing. I really had a fantastic time!! I know getting a bunch of precious ladies cannot be easy, but you and your team did it with kindness, grace and a good deal of panache.

Please pass on my most heartfelt thanks to all of them. I'm terrible with names, but very big thanks to both your mum, Maureen, and the lovely girl who did my hair. Both were wonderful Spike, although not a dab hand with the make up, deserves an extra big pat just for being quite the most gorgeous cat I've met.

Particularly lovely were Tessa (smokers crew!!), Sara Campbell, and oh so cheeky Stacey Dee who all went out of their way to make this most occasional of Boudettes feel at ease and very welcome. So please pass on my warmest thanks when you see them next. I hope to do it in person as Cindy will have many more nights out then she has had up until now.

As you may be able to tell I am still on an unbelievable high after such a fab night. Thanks again, much love and my eternal gratitude for helping Cindy (who you named so beautifully) out of her shell and onto what she hopes is a long wonderful journey to a fully fledged person in her own right. Lots of love, thanks, and my god you and Jo looked absolutely fabulous tonight. If I didn't say it, I bloody well should have. I'd kill for a figure like that - Cindy.

Words cannot express what today has meant to me. It was so lovely to see you away from usual nights out when we don't get so much opportunity to chat. I don't know if you noticed but there were times when I was almost in tears of joy!! You really have given me a hope and confidence that makes such a difference.

The IPL, seeing Richard Curtis (which I hope to soon), being passable as a woman and speaking to my Mum. These are all things that I would never have considered possible before meeting you. Looking at the photos now I see a person I recognise looking back at me. You went to such trouble and I really cannot thank you enough, truly you are an amazing person - Emma.

Just quick mail to say thanks for pics and the wonderful three hours spent with you. One of the best experiences of my life. Hopefully see you again next time in London - 'D'.

Thanks again for your time and expertise yesterday. It was a pleasure meeting you and to see such amazing results!! - 'M'.

Just a quick note to say thanks for a lovely few hours yesterday - the photos look fab and I really didn't want to step out of my skirt at 5.30... - Josie.

Very many thanks for looking after ‘poor old me’ today. You are a very caring girl, with a lovely personality, coupled with wonderful patience and understanding. Thanks again - Siobhan.

Words can barely express how transformed I felt and also how looked after. Our make up session has made such a difference to the way I feel about myself. Thank you so so much Jodie, you made feel pretty and desirable, no mean feat I can assure you!! Thank you, thank you, thank you - Gemma.

I never said thanks for making me feel relaxed and doing your stuff when I made that appointment some time ago. A lot of girls have said I look really good which is nice, in fact I even got a mail form someone from More magazine the other day asking if I would do a photoshoot and an interview believe it or not - Katie.

Just thought I would drop you a line to say a big thanks for the very kind way you dealt with me during my visit and even though you were tired and obviously under pressure from all your commitments your beauty, professionalism and vitality shone through. Your skill with cosmetics is fantastic and I was impressed, excited and scared at the results thanks - 'R'.

Stunning set of photos. Don't know if you have access to copy but I think you would be mighty impressed with your work. I think I look... well pretty sensational. Many, many thanks - Trixie.

I wanted to get in touch to say how much I enjoyed my first (hopefully not last!!) dressing appointment. I'll admit I was as nervous as hell, but so pleased with the look you came up with, I had no idea what the end result would be but now I would love to take it further. Thanks also for the shopping tips, packages are starting to arrive, there are still a few things I’m not sure of, but I guess it all comes with time - Kirsty.

I don't know where to start in describing what a fabulous time I had yesterday - perhaps the best indictment was that when I got home I was accused of looking smug - guilty as charged, M'Lud. Jodie, what you do is so valuable and so important - it is really, really appreciated - Jessica.

Just thought I’d say a quick thank you for giving me a makeover Saturday night. The result was really good and quite different to my usual image. I was also impressed with BJ’s too and it must have been good as this guy in the WO club came up to us and instead of trying to chat me up like normal ignored me and chatted BJ up instead!! Mind you this other guy started to talk to me but before he could get 2 words out I said, “sorry not interested” to which he replied, “I was only going to tell you how beautiful you looked but I wont bother now!!”

Anyway it was an honour to be one Jodie’s girls for a night and it was a handy disguise to fend of all the hordes wanting me to sign copies of Repartee too. I must of looked so different as I didn’t get asked to sign one all night!! Thank you again both BJ and I loved our makeovers and I’m sure one day will visit again - Nina.

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